Famous Stars and Straps

May 03, 2010

Here's some T-shirt designs we finished up for Famous Stars and Straps. Take a look.

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Mar 25, 2010

Some more "prodda"... Check out Billabong t-shirts and board trunks that we did a while ago. They just posted to their website. Whatcha think?

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Plan B

Mar 20, 2010

Plan B Skateboards just posted to their site some of our design work. Take a look.

News Image 000373News Image 000374Nobody Messes with Bruce...

Nobody Messes with Bruce...

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SIA 20010

Jan 28, 2010

Another year, another tradeshow. We packed up our bags for a couple of days and headed for the hills. The SoupGraphix crew went out to the 1st ever SIA show in Denver, CO this year. We were able to get in a couple days of boarding and the tradeshow. Check out the pics!

News Image 000339Winter Park

Winter Park



News Image 000342News Image 000343News Image 000344News Image 000345Mile High Station - Snowboard Mag After Party

Mile High Station - Snowboard Mag After Party

RZA doin his thing at the Snowboard Magazine

RZA doin his thing at the Snowboard Magazine

News Image 000348We can get our intern to do just about anything...

We can get our intern to do just about anything...

News Image 000350News Image 000351News Image 000352News Image 000353News Image 000354News Image 000355News Image 000356News Image 000357News Image 000358News Image 000359The Flow logo that we design in action

The Flow logo that we design in action

News Image 000361News Image 000362News Image 000363News Image 000364News Image 000365The Yeti strikes again!

The Yeti strikes again!

News Image 000367News Image 000368Flow Ad with one of our board graphic design

Flow Ad with one of our board graphic design

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Soup Xmas Party 2009

Dec 18, 2009

Wow.. It's amazing what can be accomplish in a year. Seems like such a long road to travel in the beginning but in the blink of an eye, you reflect back and realize how far you have gone. Those roads are what determine who you are. We hope this year your road was travelled lightly enough to guide you in the right direction but still rutted enough to make the journey interesting.


We here at Soup, want to thank all our family, friends and clients. Your directions have help us make it to another intersection, in which we get to decide yet another new path.

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