Frosty Fridays

Nov 29, 2013

SoupGraphix Beer Review Every Friday.

Beer Name: Singha Beer imported from Thailand

Dan: Taste like a bad Coors banquet beer, spend your money on something else.
Hill: Tastes like an Asian "Bud Heavy" without the headache. Pass on this one.
Brandon: Thai version of Budweiser, not great.
Damasso: Pass the Kung Pao Chicken and some SINGHA! ...and I’ll be set for LIFE!
Dustin: Not a big fan of this beer. It must have been on sale!. If its worse than a Coors, just drink a Coors.
Raul: Out of Office.
Myles: Jack talk thai to tell two tales, of thai tasting tap at two. Tasting terrific this tap, no gimmick, that triumphs tried and true.

News Image 001956 Singha

Felipe Gustavo is Pro for Plan B.

Nov 22, 2013

Congratulations on turning Pro Felipe! Its an honor designing your pro models.

News Image 001955 Felipe6News Image 001951 Felipe2News Image 001950 Felipe1News Image 001952 Felipe3News Image 001954 Felipe5News Image 001953 Felipe4

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2nd Annual Desert Pig Roast

Nov 19, 2013

Soup's 2nd Annual Pig Roast went great! If you missed out check out the images below.

News Image 001929 Desert1News Image 001930 Desert2News Image 001931 Desert3News Image 001932 Desert4News Image 001933 Desert5News Image 001934 Desert6News Image 001935 Desert7News Image 001936 Desert8News Image 001937 Desert9News Image 001938 Desert10News Image 001939 Desert11News Image 001940 Desert12News Image 001941 Desert13News Image 001942 Desert14News Image 001943 Desert15News Image 001944 Desert16News Image 001945 Desert17News Image 001946 Desert18News Image 001947 Desert19News Image 001948 Desert20News Image 001949 Desert21

Frosty Fridays

Nov 15, 2013

SoupGraphix Beer Review Every Friday.

Beer Name: Autumn Ale by Breckenridge Brewing

Dan: Super smooth beer, highly recommended.
Hill: Simple + Tasty = Good Beer
Brandon: The perfect beer for this time a year. Bold and flavorful plus the box looks good.
Damasso: The AC dude snagged my brew... But yea, it looked good.
Dustin: I think the packaging says it best, "Warms the soul, and soothes the spirit".
Raul: I kind of liked the packaging, digging the die cut. That's pretty much all there is to say ha, cant say that I tried it, so for now, ill give this brew a 3 out of 5.
Myles: To warm the soul, one has to take hold, of the Autumn Ale brewed in Breck. The taste of its malls and Bavarian hops, surely won’t make you a wreck

News Image 001927 Frostyautumn

Desert Pig Roast 2013

Nov 11, 2013

Come join SoupGraphix at Ocotillo Wells November 15th for our 2nd annual pig roast. 

News Image 001928 Soupdeserttrip2013