Frosty Fridays

Nov 01, 2013

SoupGraphix Beer Review Every Friday.

Beer Name: Fat Cat Confession IPA by Minhas Craft Brewery

Dan: Crappy beer, rough going down, give me a bud light.
Hill: My initial response to the taste of this beer was, “Bllaahhh… Gross!” But as the buzz started to kick in, my ‘tude starrttedd 2 channggge. I’s gots aalll lloouuppeee and its madde mee ffeeels guud. Mmmm… Beerrrr…
Brandon: Nice can, to bad it makes the beer taste like crap.
Damasso: Nasty in the beginning.. But after a few chugs, it’s smooth! Overall: Eh.
Dustin: IPA in a can is probably not the best idea. The beer Started out bad and got even worse. Somehow it was good by the end.
Raul: If I was going to get into being a regular, this beer was not the one tostart with. Besides that, the packaging was okay, cool cat illustration on front. Final score: 2.5 out of 5
Myles: Out of office.

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Frosty Fridays

Oct 25, 2013

SoupGraphix Beer Review Every Friday.

Beer Name: Freaktoberfest by Coney Island

Dan: Crazy beer left me not wanting to driving home.
Hill: 6.66% alcohol??? Makes me want to tattoo a pentagram on my forehead and ride a goat into the sunset all the while listening to Puscifer. Hip-hop the hops don't stop with this one.
Brandon: Yuck, can you really even call this beer? I couldn’t even finish it.
Damasso: This one’s kinda ridiculous, starting with the price!! At $15 per 4-pack (a freakin FOUR pack), this thing better come with a massage!
Dustin: Im not sure how this is even classified as beer. This must have been the worst shit I ever tasted. Don't ever buy this. Ever.
Raul: If this beer was a soda brand, it would fall somewhere in the realm of a&w and diet lime coca cola (yeah it was a thing), In other words, I wouldn't bother, unless nasty is the taste your looking for, step right up!
Myles: Double bubble toil and trouble, the taste is sharp and bitter. The fright of the label is sure to enable, that u finish and not be a quitter.

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Red Bull Triple Set

Oct 20, 2013

Best San Diego Skate event! 


News Image 001895 Redbulltripleset1News Image 001896 Redbulltripleset2News Image 001897 Redbulltripleset3News Image 001898 Redbulltripleset4News Image 001905 Redbull2News Image 001906 Redbull4News Image 001899 Redbulltripleset5News Image 001900 Redbulltripleset6News Image 001901 Redbulltripleset7News Image 001902 Redbulltripleset8News Image 001903 Redbulltripleset9News Image 001907 Redbull6News Image 001904 Redbulltripleset10

Frosty Fridays

Oct 18, 2013

SoupGraphix Beer Review Every Friday.

Beer Name: Jubel Winter Ale by Deschutes Brewery

Dan: Great beer, was even smoother when we had it for the first time at Nike, good old Oregon beer.
Hill: Out of Office.
Brandon: A good flavorful winter ale. I like this one a lot just make sure you got some breath mints handy.
Damasso: Out of Office.
Dustin: This beer reminded me of good ol' Beaverton, Oregon.
Raul: The mystic, artic scenery on the packaging is a little out of my taste range but the sweet owl illustration saves it. Not sure what this brew tastes like (frankly not as good as coke. ((see last weeks review))
Myles: From the mountains of Oregon, comes a beer to pour again, while visiting the campus of Nike. It's there that you taste the refreshing embrace, of a brew that will life up your psyche.

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Element Wolfeboro Authentech

Oct 15, 2013

Check out Soup designed skateboard in the new Element Wolfeboro video.


News Image 001894 Element2