Frosty Fridays

Oct 18, 2013

SoupGraphix Beer Review Every Friday.

Beer Name: Jubel Winter Ale by Deschutes Brewery

Dan: Great beer, was even smoother when we had it for the first time at Nike, good old Oregon beer.
Hill: Out of Office.
Brandon: A good flavorful winter ale. I like this one a lot just make sure you got some breath mints handy.
Damasso: Out of Office.
Dustin: This beer reminded me of good ol' Beaverton, Oregon.
Raul: The mystic, artic scenery on the packaging is a little out of my taste range but the sweet owl illustration saves it. Not sure what this brew tastes like (frankly not as good as coke. ((see last weeks review))
Myles: From the mountains of Oregon, comes a beer to pour again, while visiting the campus of Nike. It's there that you taste the refreshing embrace, of a brew that will life up your psyche.

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