Frosty Fridays

Dec 27, 2013

SoupGraphix Beer Review Every Friday.

Beer Name: Carsberg Elephant

Dan: I like it, never had it but I like it.
Hill: MMMhhhMMMMhhhMMM Toasty, i mean tasty.. (plltt… Squirt)
Brandon: I like stuff with elephants it always reminds of my favorite pro skater Mike Vallely. Tastes a lot like Heineken so bring your breath mints.
Damasso: The best 2% milk I’ve ever had.
Dustin: Kinda reminded me of a Heineken.
Raul: Bottle was pretty cool. Packaging was whatever. Overall looked like an enjoyable drink def worth buying.
Myles: The trunk of an elephant tells a story that’s elegant, of a brew that is clean and crisp. The bubbly cold taste of this refreshing white case, will give your buds a wisp.

News Image 001978 Elephantfrostyfriday

Element Grizzy Lake

Dec 19, 2013

Check out Elements newest pattern designed by yours truly.

News Image 001976 Grizzly2News Image 001977 Grizzly3News Image 001975 Grizzly1

Client Meetings: Tony Hawk Inc.

Dec 18, 2013

Always busy meeting with our clients, here is a look at Tony Hawks headquarters.

News Image 001969 TonyhawkNews Image 001970 Tonyhawk2News Image 001971 Tonyhawk3News Image 001972 Tonyhawk4News Image 001973 Tonyhawk5News Image 001974 Tonyhawk6

Frosty Fridays

Dec 13, 2013

SoupGraphix Beer Review Every Friday.

Beer Name: Amarillo Pale Ale Brewed by Hangar 24

Dan: Great beer, light hearted easy drinking, highly recommended.
Hill: Catch the buzz, bra! This beer gets you buzzin’
Brandon: Good, but somewhat forgettable.
Damasso: It was soo good, I forgot to drink it.
Dustin: Pretty good beer, but not great.
Raul: Seems only fitting that a beer would be named yellow, nonetheless it could have been great. Sadly for those expecting a beer review, I did not partake in this tasting so idk what the hell to give it. 3 maybe? Like every other review :D. Sharkeisha approves this message.
Myles: Amarillo Pale Ale brings the high flying sail, of a taste that is bold and crisp. From the 24th Hangar comes this solid brewed banger, that is sure to out due the rest.

News Image 001961 Paleale

December Found

Dec 08, 2013

Soup designs found this month.

News Image 001967 Foundddd6News Image 001962 Foundddd1News Image 001966 Foundddd5News Image 001968 Foundddd7News Image 001965 Foundddd4News Image 001964 Foundddd3News Image 001963 Foundddd2