Frosty Fridays

Dec 27, 2013

SoupGraphix Beer Review Every Friday.

Beer Name: Carsberg Elephant

Dan: I like it, never had it but I like it.
Hill: MMMhhhMMMMhhhMMM Toasty, i mean tasty.. (plltt… Squirt)
Brandon: I like stuff with elephants it always reminds of my favorite pro skater Mike Vallely. Tastes a lot like Heineken so bring your breath mints.
Damasso: The best 2% milk I’ve ever had.
Dustin: Kinda reminded me of a Heineken.
Raul: Bottle was pretty cool. Packaging was whatever. Overall looked like an enjoyable drink def worth buying.
Myles: The trunk of an elephant tells a story that’s elegant, of a brew that is clean and crisp. The bubbly cold taste of this refreshing white case, will give your buds a wisp.

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