Frosty Fridays

Dec 13, 2013

SoupGraphix Beer Review Every Friday.

Beer Name: Amarillo Pale Ale Brewed by Hangar 24

Dan: Great beer, light hearted easy drinking, highly recommended.
Hill: Catch the buzz, bra! This beer gets you buzzin’
Brandon: Good, but somewhat forgettable.
Damasso: It was soo good, I forgot to drink it.
Dustin: Pretty good beer, but not great.
Raul: Seems only fitting that a beer would be named yellow, nonetheless it could have been great. Sadly for those expecting a beer review, I did not partake in this tasting so idk what the hell to give it. 3 maybe? Like every other review :D. Sharkeisha approves this message.
Myles: Amarillo Pale Ale brings the high flying sail, of a taste that is bold and crisp. From the 24th Hangar comes this solid brewed banger, that is sure to out due the rest.

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