Frosty Fridays

Oct 25, 2013

SoupGraphix Beer Review Every Friday.

Beer Name: Freaktoberfest by Coney Island

Dan: Crazy beer left me not wanting to driving home.
Hill: 6.66% alcohol??? Makes me want to tattoo a pentagram on my forehead and ride a goat into the sunset all the while listening to Puscifer. Hip-hop the hops don't stop with this one.
Brandon: Yuck, can you really even call this beer? I couldn’t even finish it.
Damasso: This one’s kinda ridiculous, starting with the price!! At $15 per 4-pack (a freakin FOUR pack), this thing better come with a massage!
Dustin: Im not sure how this is even classified as beer. This must have been the worst shit I ever tasted. Don't ever buy this. Ever.
Raul: If this beer was a soda brand, it would fall somewhere in the realm of a&w and diet lime coca cola (yeah it was a thing), In other words, I wouldn't bother, unless nasty is the taste your looking for, step right up!
Myles: Double bubble toil and trouble, the taste is sharp and bitter. The fright of the label is sure to enable, that u finish and not be a quitter.

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