Frosty Fridays

Apr 16, 2013

SoupGraphix Beer Review Every Friday.

Beer Name: Acme California Pale Ale by North Coast Brewing Company

Dan: Super good, could have sucked down the whole 6 pack myself. But once again the package design needs help.
Hill: Real nice taste. I mean, real nice… The kind that you don't mind bringing home to mother.
Brandon: Out of office. 
Damasso: I didn't know Cirque du Soleil was also a brewing company. I mean, the packaging is cool... just not for beer. As for the beer itself, "eh".
Dustin: The Acme beer had a nice apple after taste. The packaging, and label was a little to simple for me.
Chris: I really liked this beer although it did taste very similar to something I've had. Smooth taste and a nice finish. I would recommend picking this up and giving it a try yourself. 
Raul: We had beer on Friday? Im joking, the packaging wasn’t anything special and I don’t drink beer so its hard to critique but if the guys said its the best one so far, then ill agree.
Myles: The girl on the packaging was hot.

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