Frosty Fridays

Mar 14, 2014

SoupGraphix Beer Review Every Friday.

Beer Name: Point the Way IPA by Golden Road Brewing

Dan: Don’t usually like the kick of an IPA but this one isn’t bad.
Hill: I have a drinking problem. I didn’t drink this beer and I don’t know why?!?
Brandon: .....
Damasso: Just cus its IPA, doesn’t mean its good. I wish I had 2 extra hands so I can give it 4 thumbs down!
Raul: Smelled pretty fruity, other than that looks like any other brew. Seems like they just make these thing on assembly lines…oh wait.
Myles: So uhhh………….no me gusta.
John: Yep, it’s an IPA all right. The box artwork is more memorable than the beer.

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