Frosty Fridays

Mar 21, 2014

SoupGraphix Beer Review Every Friday.

Beer Name: Spring Blonde by New Belgium Brewing

Dan: I’ve always been a fan of Fat Tire and anything from New Belgium brewing company and this is no exception, great beer.
Hill: Didn’t really dig on this one. Tasted funky like a monke… Nevermind, it just tasted bad.
Brandon: It was beer, wasn’t bad, wasn’t great.
Damasso: So is New Belgium next to New Zealand?
Dustin: The bike image is cool. Nothing memorable abou the beer.
Raul: Whats up with the hipster/minimalist packaging? Sure bikes are cool, but why are there so many bunched up together? Why are there no locks on any of them? Im sure wherever Brugge and Gent is, it lacks criminals in search of retro ass cruisers but what is the point! So many unanswered questions. Not sure how a bike trip would inspire a beer, but then again I don’t ride or drink so maybe I’m missing out? If the beer is anything like its container, then its safe to assume its a soft mellow brew. Check? Cheers everyone :D
Myles: Not too bad on the taste. Not my favorite but tolerable.
John: Spring Blonnnde! SPRING BLONNNNDE! Sounds like a chicks beer, tastes like anything but.

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