Frosty Fridays

May 17, 2013

SoupGraphix Beer Review Every Friday.

Beer Name: Stone Pale Ale

Dan: Out of Office.
Hill: Clean design. Stone Brewery image is solid on all their beers. 2 thumbs up for that. Now for the beer, Not bad. I guess since we've been drinking all these microbrews, it's all starting to taste the same now. Maybe I should try doing something different on the next one, like drinking it through my nose?
Brandon: Stone makes great beers and this is no exception. I’m not really even a fan of pale ales but this has great flavor and is very drinkable.
Damasso: I think you have to be STONEd to like this beer. I’ll Pass.
Dustin: I wasn't a big fan of this beer. Its cool to try some local brew, but i will not be buying this again.
Chris: I would have to say this is a new favorite of mine. Made me want to go check out their brewery even more.
Raul: This is my uncle's favorite cousin's sister's next door neighbor's pool boy's local supermarket cashier homie's favorite beer! The packaging wasn't anything special so for this review I give this beer a pat on the back.
Myles: Honestly, I did not like the taste of this one at all. Dustin knows, he saw my face. However IPA's are not my cup of tea. Soooo yeah, no.

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