La Mesa Car Show 2010

Aug 26, 2010

Lucky us... Since we moved our office, we've been fortunate enough to enjoy some dope, old school cars outside our office windows all Summer long. Since this is the last week they are holding the Classic Car show in La Mesa, we decided to go down and snap some pics. I think I had to wipe the drool from my mouth a few times. Some of these cars are off the hook.

News_image 000623.jpgNews_image 000624.jpgNews_image 000625.jpgNews_image 000626.jpgNews_image 000627.jpgNews_image 000628.jpgNews_image 000629.jpgNews_image 000630.jpgNews_image 000631.jpgNews_image 000632.jpgNews_image 000633.jpgNews_image 000634.jpgNews_image 000635.jpgNews_image 000636.jpgNews_image 000637.jpgNews_image 000638.jpgNews_image 000639.jpgNews_image 000640.jpgNews_image 000641.jpgNews_image 000642.jpgNews_image 000643.jpgNews_image 000644.jpgNews_image 000645.jpgNews_image 000646.jpgNews_image 000647.jpgNews_image 000648.jpgNews_image 000649.jpgNews_image 000650.jpgNews_image 000651.jpgNews_image 000652.jpgNews_image 000653.jpgNews_image 000654.jpgNews_image 000655.jpgNews_image 000656.jpgNews_image 000657.jpgNews_image 000658.jpgNews_image 000659.jpgNews_image 000660.jpgNews_image 000661.jpgNews_image 000662.jpgNews_image 000663.jpgNews_image 000664.jpgNews_image 000665.jpgNews_image 000666.jpgNews_image 000667.jpgNews_image 000668.jpgNews_image 000669.jpgNews_image 000670.jpg